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October 7th - 9th, 2020

MSU EA Online Speaker Series

Join us for MSUEA’s first ever online event! 15 speakers, 3 days - all talks have Q&A/AMA! Talks up to an hour on the topics of innovation, business building and leadership! RSVP for the access link, admissions are free!


October 7th

Bruno Basso.jpg

Bruno Basso

AG Tech: Scaling from Scientist to Founder

Wednesday, October 7th


Kicking off this series with Bruno Basso, co-founder of CIBO Technologies, recognized agricultural systems scientist and MSU professor. Specializing in AG tech, CIBO Technologies is a story of research solution turned scalable. Tune in as we walk from how the project began through onboarding 40+ people. 

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Guy Turner.png

Guy Turner

Midwest Fundraising: Financing Trends and COVID-19

Wednesday, October 7th


Listen in on an interview with Guy Turner, Managing Director of Hyde Park Venture Partners. What impact has COVID-19 had on investors attitudes? Will this make it easier or harder for your business to find funding?

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Tamara Steffens.jpg

Tamara Steffens 

A conversation with Tamara Steffens

Wednesday, October 7th


Join us in a chat with Tamara Steffens, Managing Director at Microsoft’s M12 venture fund. Hear about the experience of climbing and being acquired. Pick up on the lessons learned along the way!

Lucinda Wright.jpg

Lucinda Wright 

CPG Food & Beverage: The ins and outs

Wednesday, October 7th


Meet Lucinda Wright, Co-Founder and CEO of Cask&Kettle. In this niche lane of the market, Cask&Kettle produces alcoholic cocktails – that go in your Keurig. Listen in as Lucinda outlines developing a brand identity/product and verifying its potential to be successful. 

Clayton Mooney.jpeg

Clayton Mooney

Online Poker to Founder: Lessons at Nebullam by Clayton Mooney

Wednesday, October 7th


An interview with Clayton Mooney, Co-Founder of Nebullam. The company has recently begun to tackle decentralized indoor farming, a solution to seasonality and the inability to grow crops certain seasons. Join us in a discussion around company structure, team building and fundraising. Also hear how COVID-19 has affected the company’s initial vision and how they’re dealing with the change.

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October 8th


Peter Deppe


From Idea to Implementation + Lessons Learned

Thursday, October 8th


KUHMUTE builds charging hubs for your electric mobility devices. In this interview with Peter Deppe, Co-Founder and CEO at KUHMUTE, learn about the Micromobility industry and the work that they’re doing to revolutionize it. Having built this product from the ground up, discussion will also touch on the development process and what it took to get the product made.

Liora Yoklea.jpg

Liora Yuklea

Data driven design: How to problem solve without killing people

Thursday, October 8th


A presentation by Liora Yuklea, UX lead on Google's Crisis Response team. Liora will talk about data driven design processes and design thinking as strategic approaches that can be applied in business, entrepreneurship and other domains. 

Zhao Ma.jpg

Zhao Ma

'What do VCs Look for': Designing and Pitching Your Business for Scale

Thursday, October 8th


A presentation by Zhao Ma on the ever-present question. “What do VC’s look for?” In this talk, Zhao will explain the basic structure of for a company and how to make it appealing to investors. Zhao is a venture capital analyst at Invest Detroit Ventures and is experienced in examining company backgrounds. Here he’ll examine how to craft a company’s story and tell it in a way that makes people listen.

Kim Hanke

Start-Up Growth: Challenges, Mistakes, Funding, and Ownership

Thursday, October 8th


An interview with Kim Hanke: Founder and CEO of Elm Park Labs, a quality-driven company specializing in producing XR (VR, AR MR, 3DI) software products. Join us in a discussion revolving around her experience in building the company and roadblocks hit along the way. Also follow along as we discuss the new division of the company, MED Support Link.

Robert Song.jpg

Robert Song

Maru Sushi: Growth and Adversity in a Local Venture

Thursday, October 8th


10 years ago, Robert Song founded Maru Sushi and has since grown the company to 6 locations around Michigan. Join our conversation about what it took to grow from a single restaurant to multiple locations and how COVID has impacted the workflow. Also hear how Maru Sushi dealt with a class-action lawsuit over the course of their development.

October 9th


Paolo Villacarlos

Paolo Villacarlos.jpg

Conversion Rate Optimization: Why getting your product online is only the beginning

Friday, October 9th


A presentation by Paolo Villacarlos of Fanrock! Simply building a website is often not enough tomake people come. Depending on where people are in the customer acquisition funnel, there’s many ways to encourage engagement/purchases. How to build your Shopify/online web store to close the deal.

Amy Smith.jpg

Amanda Lewan + Amy Smith + Ian Hathaway + Paul Jaques

Startup ecosystems: From the bottom, up

Friday, October 9th


A four-way discussion between leaders. Amy Smith of TechStars Accelerator, Amanda Lewan, Co-Founder and CEO of Bamboo Detroit, Ian Hathaway, author of The Startup Community Way. Learn about what it takes to build a startup community and its difference from a startup ecosystem. Also understand the role that you can play in a community and the change that can be made from at the individual level.

Ken Seneff.jpg

Ken Seneff

Applying the Lean Startup Method

Friday, October 9th


Join us for an interview with Ken Seneff, Co-Founder of Lean Rocket Lab: co-working space and incubator. As we walk through his past experience as a serial entrepreneur, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the Lean Startup Method and how it’s applied to his professional work now and in the past.

Jake Kuczeruk

Jake Kuczeruk.png

Cannabis Investment: Scaling a Startup in the Blooming Industry

Friday, October 9th


An interview with Jake Kuczeruk, VP of Business Development at the Arcview Group. A serial entrepreneur, Jake has grown multiple companies from from conception. Currently, he's the managing director of the San Francisco Founder Institute, the worlds largest pre-seed startup accelerator. He's passionate about expansion of the Cannabis industry and providing advice to aspiring founders and professionals. Come by and listen in!

Shaniqua Davis

Shaniqua Davis.png

Mental Health as a Founder

Friday, October 9th


In 2016 Shaniqua founded Noirefy, a company to help companies hire minorities and increase workplace diversity. Furthermore, Noirefy has the intent of becoming a community and network for minorities to be referred jobs. Over the course of four years, Noirefy has helped people find jobs and companies find employees. This interview will revolve around the mental stresses that creating and running a company can have and how COVID and the ongoing movement have had an effect.