Pitch Competiton

The pitch competition is a monthly series, themed around a social initiative, that provides a platform for any MSU student to pitch their idea and win a cash prize.  There is no need for a physical product or established business, all you need is an idea.  Our goal is to expand the community of entrepreneurs at MSU to students studying a wide variety of disciplines throughout Lyman Briggs, James Madison, the College of Engineering, and other programs.  We are the first step when it comes to MSU students wanting to turn their idea into a tangible business.

This Month

Affordable and clean energy initiatives are developing at a promising rate; however, there are roughly 3 billion people who lack clean and safe cooking fuels and technologies. There are 789 million people who lack access to electricity, predominantly in sub-Saharan Africa, and hundreds of millions who have limited access to unreliable sources of electricity. In sub-Saharan Africa, it is estimated that only 28% of healthcare facilities are equipped with reliable electricity. It is crucial that we innovate to provide a well-established energy system for millions of people around the world as it is essential to supporting all sectors, including business, medicine, and education. 

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