Pitch Competiton

The pitch competition is a monthly series, themed around a social initiative, that provides a platform for any MSU student to pitch their idea and win a cash prize.  There is no need for a physical product or established business, all you need is an idea.  Our goal is to expand the community of entrepreneurs at MSU to students studying a wide variety of disciplines throughout Lyman Briggs, James Madison, the College of Engineering, and other programs.  We are the first step when it comes to MSU students wanting to turn their idea into a tangible business.

This Month

The theme for this month is open to all Social Initiatives. As countries begin to move towards rebuilding their economies after the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be an opportunity for a systemic shift that leads us in the direction of a sustainable economy.  It is essential that we innovate during these times in order to alter the trajectory of climate change and better the environment.

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